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Filomena Parra

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María Filomena de Lima Caria Neto Parra, stage name, Filomena Parra, was born on April 18, 1959 in Valença del Duero, Viseu.

She lives and works in Mafra, Portugal.

She studied drawing and composition at school. of Decorative Arts António Arroio, where she finished the Textile Arts course. She completed the degree in Technological Education at the Open University and completed the degree in Pedagogical Supervision and Training of Trainers at ISCE.

She specialized in material technologies, namely: Murano, fusion (partial fusion of glass), origami, tapestry, weaving, ceramics, screen printing, quilling and she started in printmaking with the famous Portuguese artist David de Almeida. She is a public education teacher, in the field of arts and technologies. She is already mentioned in the municipal bulletins of Mafra and Alverca, she participated in collective and individual painting exhibitions,

She participated in both editions of Artshow, in FIL and Jarabe de Reina. It is present in private collections in Portugal and the collection of CM de Mafra. She won a Silver Honor mention at the 1st International Art Salon in Estoril.

She features three of her works in the book. "Prospero-International Art Book" by Insat Publisher

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