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MauriciaS (born 1980, Portugal) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Porto and exhibits her work worldwide. She began showcasing her art in 2021/2022, participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions in galleries and art fairs since then.

MauriciaS completed a Drawing course at Cooperativa Árvore in Porto in 2010 and a professional Photography course at the Instituto Português de Fotografia do Porto. These educational experiences provided her with a strong technical and conceptual foundation, allowing her to explore various forms of artistic expression.

As an artist, MauriciaS focuses on representing feelings through a plurality of artistic mediums, including drawing, fine arts, photography, and digital art. Her creative process involves questioning and exploring emotions using color and shape, balanced with figurative portraits. She believes in the essential inclusion of feelings in art, enabling them to materialize without temporal connotations. Additionally, she explores the discursive potential of exhibition methods to convey messages clearly and impactfully.

Notable Exhibitions

- 2010: Drawing at Cooperativa Árvore, Porto.
- 2012: Group exhibition at Loja Galeria Leça Molduras.
- 2014: Group exhibition at City Hall, Câmara Municipal Matosinhos.
- 2020: Online exhibition "Feelings" at Gallerium Art, Canada.
- 2021: Online exhibition "Air Open 2021" at Air Gallery, UK.
- 2022: Solo exhibition "Diverse" at Hostel Gallery, Porto Art District.
- 2022/2023: Group exhibition "Imagens que são Actos" at Opala Academia, Porto.
- 2023: Solo exhibitions "Faith Series" at Domus Art Gallery Concept, "Illustrations" at Almada Ponto Porto and In Porto Gallery - The Mad ArtGallery, and "Cromia'S" at Centro de Interpretação da Cultura Local, Câmara Castelo de Paiva.
- 2023: Solo exhibition "Faith" at Museu de Melres, The Mad ArtGallery.
- 2023: Group exhibition "12x12" at Galeria Arte Graça, Lisbon.
- 2024: Group exhibition "Imagens que são Actos" at Opala Academia, Porto.
- 2024: Solo exhibitions "Alive by MauríciaS" at Torel Avantgarde, Porto, and "Feel" at Pimenta Rosa, Centro Comercial Bombarda, Porto Art District.

Awards and Recognitions

- 2021/2023: AKOUN Certificate.
- 2021: Editor's Choice at Galeria Artmajeur.
- 2022: IAVA Certified by UNESCO.
- 2022: Artistic Merit Certificate by Pinacothèque Luxembourg.


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