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Paulo Martino, Portuguese, started painting since 2014, motivated by two gallery owner friends. In August 2015, he had his first exhibition in Eisenstadt, near Vienna.

Exhibitions in Portugal.
December 2018 at the Cajil Foundation in Lisbon. September 2020 at the Wine Up restaurant in Alcochete.
July 2021, live painting. Fabric that I offered to Banco Alimentar on the occasion of the Institution's thirtieth anniversary.
November 2021, EspaÇo Zeno do Casino Estoril.
March 2022. Carnide Parish Board.

May 2022, D.Pedro Gallery in Porto.
June 2022, The One Gallery, Palacio da Anunciada, in Lisbon.
June 2022, Casa da Galiza in Lisbon.
Presented in private collections.

In the artist's words: I see painting as an artistic expression that uses the senses to drop the barrier that separates us from our true essence, through beauty, thus we communicate with what is most intimate.

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