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Pedro Charters d'Azevedo (1946) is a renowned Portuguese painter. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, he is considered one of the most significant contemporary artists in the country. Pedro Charters is a member of various artistic associations and has actively participated in Portugal's cultural life.

Throughout his career, Pedro Charters d'Azevedo has developed a unique and diverse style. His paintings range from portraits and nudes to abstracts, collages, textured paintings, and figurative works. He has explored different techniques and materials, including acrylics, collages, and pastes on canvas, wood, or cardboard.

Pedro Charters d'Azevedo's work is characterized by an aesthetic and sensitive approach, reflecting his feelings about society and the times in which he lives. His artwork has received international recognition, with exhibitions in various galleries and museums around the world. He has received 27 Painting Awards, held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and is featured in various publications, magazines, newspapers, art books, and auction catalogs.

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