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Mixed technique

84 x 60 cm

Artist´s Name: Ramona Galardi. Abouth the artist. 

Brief Description

This is a series of life drawings done using unusual elements such as wire, tape, charcoal and clay slip to draw the human figure in long and short poses. Lifeline, shown here has an accompanying poem:

I hang
on a thread
my life suspended
above the immensity of the void below
I curl up to protect myself
to stay safe
my umbilicus
still intact
I am between worlds
I cannot let go
but how safe am I here? Really?
In the apparent warmth of her heartbeat
Unspoken truths lie embedded
deep within my warm ocean
seemingly safe
Untruths abound
No, you do not know
what I know
I curl up
Try and rewind, re-write, re-start
But no you cannot erase
A truth, hidden
I let go into free-fall
Into free-fall I am dropped
like a beetle
I curl up
As I roll into a long tunnel
of darkness
I can’t see
I cannot make sense
I am like Alice
Tossed into some grotesque wonderland
Of hideous, scary, monstrous characters
No safety net here underneath my fall
Instead a trampoline of horrors where I am
Pushed and thrown
a bouncing ball for a jeering crowd of scary faces
from a circus nightmare.
Tormented, I curled up,
my carapace hardened by nightly rivers of anguish
I crawled on
Finding repose in warm cracks where I unfurled.