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Isabel Maria Pereira Machado, known by the pseudonym Be Machado, is a 61-year-old artist born in Lisbon and residing in Ericeira. Despite pursuing a career in law and serving 36 years in public administration, she has always had a passion for art, never ceasing to draw, paint, and pursue her dreams. Now, having freed herself from the constraints that once diverted her path, she dedicates herself exclusively to art.

As a self-taught artist, she is deeply passionate about drawing and painting, as well as about life itself. Her lifelong dream is to share her artwork with the world, a dream she relentlessly pursues. Her artistic journey began with her first exhibition in the collective exhibition "Alcarte" in Alcochete. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, including those at prestigious venues such as the Centro Galego de Lisboa, Palácio da Anunciada, and Cordoaria Nacional, among others. Noteworthy exhibitions include "Art – A Portal Self-Awareness" and "All you need is Art" with renowned curators such as Gretta Balin, Cristina Bernardini, and Elsa Flores.

In addition to her participation in various group exhibitions, she has also had a solo exhibition at the Casa da Cultura Jaime Lobo e Silva in Ericeira. Her artistic journey reflects a commitment to continuous growth and self-expression, as evidenced by her participation in diverse artistic endeavors, both nationally and internationally.

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