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Grácia Ferreira, born in 1973 in Luanda, Angola, is a multifaceted artist currently pursuing Architecture studies. Previously, she taught Visual Education and Manual Training in Angola. Her career spans numerous exhibitions, including the virtual "Pandemia: Works by Angolans in Portugal" in 2020, and showcases in Luanda, Lisbon, and internationally. Grácia's studio serves as both an exhibition space for her art and a retail venue for other creations. Awards include the Youth Sculpture Prize from ENSA - Arte in 2000. Her exhibitions, like "NGUIMBI (na banda)" and "Retrospetiva do in – maginário," reflect her evolving artistic journey and cultural exploration. Grácia's commitment to sustainability is evident in her use of recycled glass, showcasing her environmental consciousness. Through vibrant creations, Grácia continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the art world with her unique perspective and creative talent.

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