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Mariana Gillot, born in Lisbon on December 3, 1975, is an artist known for her versatile body of work that explores themes related to human relationships and the interaction between individuals and contemporary society. She embarked on her artistic journey by pursuing a course in Sculpture at ArCo - Center for Art and Visual Communication in Lisbon, after initially starting her studies in Architecture at Lusíada University.

Gillot's art has been heavily influenced by her surroundings, particularly the social and cultural landscapes of Portugal. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, showcasing her unique perspective on current social issues. Her works have been featured in renowned galleries and events, including exhibitions at the Museu de Arte Antiga in Lisbon and the Galerie Makowski in Berlin and New York City.

One of Gillot's notable exhibitions includes "Viagem aos Confins Encantados de Xentra" at the Palácio de Seteais in Sintra, where she presented a collection of works exploring the complexities of human existence and societal norms. Her thematic focus often revolves around critiquing contemporary consumerism and highlighting the importance of genuine human connection in a world driven by materialism.

Throughout her career, Gillot has received recognition for her contributions to the arts, including awards such as the First Prize at the 15th Theater Show of the Sintra Municipal Council for her scenic design. Additionally, she has been honored with a Mention of Honor for her piece "Oh tinto afina o fado" at the "Amália um olhar contemporâneo" exhibition by the Galeria António Prates.

Gillot's art is characterized by its thought-provoking nature, aiming to prompt viewers to reflect on the existential questions and societal issues that shape contemporary life. Through her work, she challenges viewers to reconsider their perspectives and actions, advocating for a more empathetic and conscious approach to existence.

In addition to her exhibitions, Gillot's work has been featured in various publications and media outlets, further extending the reach of her artistic message. With a profound dedication to her craft and a commitment to addressing pressing social concerns through art, Mariana Gillot continues to make a significant impact in the world of contemporary art.

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