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Sónia Queimado Lima is an African visual artist, and spent her childhood near the Tshokwe ethnic group, a town in northeastern Angola. Currently, she resides and works in Portugal. Her memories of her childhood are her constant motivation. Her hallmark in painting is joy, the power of colors and African themes.

In this exhibition, the artist participates with three Muquixes. They were masked sorcerer men with great influence in their village. Their presence influenced the dance, colors and joy of the people. They performed initiation rituals so that adolescents would pass into adulthood with good luck.

Her work, titled "Muquixe Tempo," depicts two large sculptures that protected her hometown. The locals called them "Lions", and they were considered Muquixes.

I attach two photos of these Lion sculptures from the Tshokwe village.

The artist decided that creating this Muquixe in two dimensions was not enough to represent these sculptures, so she built a wooden structure, giving a three-dimensional presence to this special protective Muquixe.

Through this exhibition, Sónia Queimado Lima invites us to immerse ourselves in the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of her people, giving life not only to the vibrant colors and joy that characterize her work, but also to the deep meaning and protection that these Muquixe sculptures. It is a unique opportunity to connect with the roots of the Tshokwe tradition and appreciate the uniqueness of the artistic interpretation of it.


IAO - Institute of Arts and Crafts of the Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva Foundation - FRESS

I worked in editorial publications and in two newspapers. She now works as a painter and creative mother.


2021 - "6 Names" - December - Campo de Ourique, Lisbon

2019 - Exhibition "Gothenburg" - Sweden - March 22

2018 - November "De Cor" - LISBON

Exhibition in November 2018 "De Cor"

2016 - "Womanidade" Painting Exhibition - September/October - Lisbon 2016 - CML Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

2016 - "Pianissíssimo" - Paintings for a Piano - Lisbon Conservatory of Music 2016

2016 - Message from Fernando Pessoa by 24 plastic artists - Casa dos Cubos - Tomar - March 2016

2015 - Untitled - Espaço Pétaouchnock, Ler Devagar, LX Factory, Lisbon - January 2015

2014 - Unfaithful Portraits and a Swan - Malveira Culture House, Mafra - October

Jovem Bet on You - 2nd edition, Amadora 2006

Mascararte Bragança - Angolan Mask, 2005

Coruche Biennial - Plastic Arts Hall 2005

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