Plastic artist Marta Baptista - Life and work

Marta Baptista was born in Coimbra on 11/02/1972.
Since she was a child, painting has been a great passion; at the age of thirteen she was already exhibiting in public places where she lived, a small town where she was very happy. The painter who influenced her the most was Oscar-Claude Monet. She is self-taught, her line reflects Impressionism and Expressionism. Her painting arises from what she is feeling at this moment, due to her great passion for surfing she has a tendency to paint pictures alluding to the sport. Her work is diverse, driven by the various passions she has in life, the trips she takes, the sea and the emotional experiences that embrace her in life. Her canvases are intense, full of color, movement, light and emotions. Her curiosity makes her paint various styles and follow various strokes, the monotony affects her creativity. She tries to deepen her knowledge by going to art museums and observing artists she admires.

Your refuge is undoubtedly the sea and your studio. Her great interest in travel and fascination with the various cultures she encounters awaken in him sensations that she brings to her canvases. She likes art in all aspects of it, she loves music, ballet, theater and sports.
She has already held several exhibitions in some art galleries, town halls and outside the country. She also exhibited at events, mainly at the WSL in Peniche and at Cinema São Jorge.
For you ART is attitude, taking risks and creating with feeling and soul. Due to her great admiration for the work of Sofhia de Mello Breyner Andresen, she made some paintings alluding to her poems. Its objective is to transmit emotions, awakening consciousness, giving expression to what inspires it where feelings are always the predominant source.

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