Frequently Asked Questions for Artists



What should I do to start selling my artworks at Art Gallery The One?

We are delighted that you have decided to sell your work at Art Gallery The One!

First, the artist should send an email with their resume and at least 5 images of their artworks or the link to their social media for evaluation by our specialists. info@artgallerytheone.com

This type of information can increase the chances of being noticed by our curators and clients. Once approved, a date will be scheduled for you to visit the gallery, meet in person, and sign the contract. Subsequently, you will be notified of the exhibition date at Art Gallery The One.

What information should the artist provide when approved?
We reserve the right to accept or reject your request to market any work through us for any reason. If the artist is accepted, they should provide more information:
- Brief descriptions of their works,
- A short text (if possible) with an art critic's review, and
- Two images of the artist working.

How many artworks can I participate with?
You can participate with 3 artworks in the collective exhibition areas of the gallery and with 6 or 7 in those designated for personal exhibition. Confirm the Participation Fee rates for exhibitions to select the one that best suits your possibilities.

How does shipping work?
Once the sale is made, you will receive an email with the details. If the artwork is in the gallery at the time of sale, we handle the packaging and shipping. These costs will be included in the sale price. If the artwork is in your possession, we would schedule a date and time for our courier to pick it up (exclusive to artists residing in Portugal). If you are outside of Continental Portugal, you don't have to worry about shipping costs; our collector is responsible, and you only need to cover the packaging cost. We provide shipping documents and any labels you may need.

How will I be paid?
The artwork will take between a week and 15 days to be packed, plus a week in transit, depending on the destination. If the customer is not satisfied, they have 7 days, from receiving it, to return it. Therefore, the artist can request payment 7 days after their work has been securely delivered to the buyer. You need to choose whether you prefer payment via bank transfer, check, or PayPal.

Who can sell at Art Gallery The One?
Art Gallery The One supports the work of visual artists over 18 years old, after their work and curriculum have been evaluated by one of the project's curators.

What can I sell at Art Gallery The One?
Art Gallery The One provides a platform for artists to sell artworks in different formats and mediums, including: painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, engraving, mixed media, limited and open edition prints, etc.

How does the commission work at Art Gallery The One?
If the artwork is sold while displayed in the physical gallery space, the commission agreed with the artist will be 60/40. If a promotional discount is offered during negotiations with the client, it will be deducted from the price, and then the 60/40 commission split will take place, sharing the discount with the artist. If the artwork is not in the gallery, Art Gallery The One will charge a 35% commission on the agreed price with the artist.

What will our marketing team do to promote your artworks?
Our marketing team will showcase images of the artworks to collectors and private clients of the gallery. The artwork images may be edited and inserted into spaces and environments to suggest decorative ideas to potential clients. They will be promoted through the gallery's social media profiles. At the curator's discretion, videos may be created, including interviews with artists, but these are not mandatory gallery activities.