How to be an Artist The One


The One Art Gallery features a magnificent exhibition space at The One Palacio da Anunciada Hotel, located in the center of Lisbon. Open 24 hours every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays, the personal and collective exhibitions at this gallery serve as a cultural attraction for hotel guests and the general public.

Artists represented by the gallery have the opportunity to showcase their works for a two-month period, not only in areas within the hotel lobby but also in other spaces such as the bar, restaurant, and corridors.


"Services guaranteed by Art Gallery The One to the represented artist:

- Publication of artworks on its online store www.artgallerytheone.com

- Posting of artworks on its Facebook profile (Art Gallery Portugal)

- Posting of artworks on its Instagram profile (Art Gallery oficial)

- Twice a month, the works of each artist will be featured in posts on the gallery's social media profiles or in articles on the online store's blog. (Include links)

- Images of the artworks will be showcased on the gallery's Pinterest page (Art Gallery)

Note: In the event that the gallery has to close its physical space (due to reasons beyond its control), it will continue to promote the works of the artists it represents online."

For more information see the link. FAQ for Artists.