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Abílio Marcos, artista plástico


Artist featured by Art Gallery The One in a collection.

Since he was little, at school, he realized that he liked to draw. From his trips to France and the United States, inspiration came to him that only in those places, with open mentalities, can they influence.

His works have hidden meanings in the paintings, his works are classified as abstract expressionist. He uses oil, acrylic and mixed media. His works and the combination of colors and shapes play with the viewer's vision. He has participated in more than 150 individual exhibitions in Art Galleries in various countries such as: Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium and the USA. Others have been collective. It is found in several museums, private collections and also mentioned in art books.

He has been part of collections in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, Hungary, Sweden and the USA.

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