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Armenio Diniz dos Santos

Born in Belmonte on 1-5-1957.

Teacher. Graduate in Art History from the Faculty of Arts of the University of

Coimbra. He attended the Art Studies course which was not covered.

He lives in Figueira da Foz where he has his studio.

Painting is a form of constant experimentation, intrinsic to her being and his.

essence. That is why it is a passion that he has always cultivated from early on, complemented with

forays into the areas of design, interior design and restoration, scenarios for

events, illustrations in publications and illustrations from three children's books and four

commemorative medals for the Escape Livre club and the Escuela dos Gaiatos da Guarda.

In Paris, where he retired for four years, he lived with foreign painters.

of various currents and workshops carried out.

He had his first solo exhibition in Gouveia, in 1985.

He exhibits regularly from that year on, in individual and group exhibitions, in

Portugal and abroad, highlighting Paris and other cities along the way.

Individual exhibitions stand out at the Abel Manta Museum, Gouveia 1990. "Before and

After", Guarda 2001, "Viagem ao Brasil", Castelo de Belmonte 2001, "A Tela ea Jóia",

He is represented in several collections in Portugal and abroad and in several

public services, such as the Abel Manta Museum, the Santos Rocha-Figueira da Foz Museum, several Municipal Councils, Ministries and State Secretariats.

Abroad, Café "La Palette", Chamber of Morsan-Sur-Orge, Lagny-Val de Marne,

Chamber of Albuquerque-Spain, among others.

Finalist in the Abel Manta Biennial competition, he also received Honorable Mention in the "Cantanhede, Concelho da Pedra de Ançã" Poster Competition and First Prize in the National Van Gogh Showcase Competition.

"Creating is the way to find myself and my deepest roots, with my essence.”

“Each canvas is the constant challenge, in a life eager to be, to fill the white that accepts the stains with which I express myself.” armenian saints

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