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Artist featured by Art Gallery The One in a collection.

Cherise was born in South Africa. She lives and works in Portugal.

About her, the artist said:

I have always been creative and I love to paint and create. When I paint it fills me with joy and brings me so much peace.

I am inspired by many things, but I think it was first sparked by my late grandfather, who was also a painter.

He painted landscapes and sometimes people. Although I prefer to paint what I'm feeling.

This series of paintings to me is about people and life, each painting has an image behind the top layer of paint splatter. The idea is that we all have a perspective on things even when

we are looking at the same thing.

To me, the paint splatter represents our experiences or our encounters with others in life. They are all always with us and some are more powerful than others, but they are all important in contributing to what makes us who we are.

I really enjoy the idea that we are all made of energy and that we are all different and unique, just like in art and nature.

I hope that those who see my work find it stimulating and beautiful.

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