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Conceição Cabral, born in 1968, born in Angola. She has her atelier and gallery in Canteirão in Valados dos Frades. She has been developing her work since the late 1980s, when she completed the Ceramics course at the António Arroio Art School in Lisbon. She later specialized in art glass, following the emergence of the Studio Glass movement.
The artist has taught several ceramic and glass workshops, exhibiting and carrying out interventions in Portugal. She won the 5th Marinha Grande Fine Arts Biennial in 2004, with the glass and metal piece. The other side, evident in the Contemporary Art Center (NAC) of the Glass Museum, to claim a place in art for glass. She was also one of the representatives of Portugal at the European Glass Context, in Denmark in 2008 and participates in numerous fairs in the home sector, such as Ambiente in Frankfurt, or the Lisbon Design Fair.
Her work straddles the fine line between art and designer design. The artist interprets themes such as the human being and nature, exploring elements of the plant world such as flowers and leaves, and the animal and marine world, such as fish and other zoomorphic elements.
The materials chosen by the artist are float, bullseye, drain and Murano glass, ceramic, metal, wood and stone. The most experienced techniques in glass are kilincasting, sandcasting, fusing and blown glass (in a workshop by master glassmakers). As well as ceramics, ballast, sculpture, contemporary tiles in low and high relief, raku and the wheel, as well as mixed techniques that involve ceramics and glass at the same time.
In November 2021, the Exhibition "La Unsostenible Leveza do Ser" was inaugurated, where she presented to the public the works made during the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as works by other artists who work with glass, metal and contemporary ceramics.
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