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Born in 1954 in Lisbon, Portugal. She lives between Ericeira and Torres Vedras. She graduated in Painting from the E.S.B.A.L. (Faculty of Belas Artes de Lisboa). Her courses include: ceramics, jewelry, graphic design, advertising and institutional communication, architecture and interior design. She is a student of the teachers Lima de Freitas, Querubim Lapa, Estrela Faria, Rafael Calado, Dorita Castel Branco, Celestino Alves. Her exhibitions date back to 1971, with 102 group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, the USA; 65 individual exhibitions in Portugal. She is a creative in “Art Director” in Advertising agencies. She also illustrates school, children's and youth books. She has founded the Gallery “O KA OBJECTOS CON ALMA” which is located at CCB in Lisbon between 1995-2000. Then, for health reasons, she was away for a few years, and then she was invited in 2000 by the Portuguese researchers of the CCI, to carry out a Portuguese representation of artists and craftsmen in the context of presidential commemorations. Since that year she has maintained her activity in her painting atelier, which is open to the public. Where she paints, does interior design, she creates and produces rugs, pieces of furniture that provide prestige to companies.

In 2002, she became active again in her didactic and pedagogical side, where she has originated the intuitive painting ateliers. In 2009 she produced “ARTEESÊNCIA”, an academy of arts and sciences for the expansion of the creative consciousness of human beings, with a direction to seek their greatest creative potential in the arts. Where she organizes studio visits to ateliers of established artists. She is the creator and promoter of the Systemic Method of Inner Evolution, through Art “Expansion of artistic expression”. In 2013 she generated her brand “ART4YOU” in everyday pieces for Portuguese art tourist gifts. She is a facilitator and creator of workshops with painting ateliers for creative painting atelier companies and cultural retreats.

In 2020 she opens the virtual art gallery artessencia.pt/arte where she sells her works and photographs of her, in addition to those of other artists and students.

She has been part of collections in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, Hungary, Sweden and the USA.

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