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Jaime R. Ferreira. Born in the medieval town of Santo Estêvão,
Chaves, Portugal.
From a very young age, contact with other countries and cultures awakened him to the world of arts such as music and
theater. But it was the years spent in Paris that made him discover painting.
He studied at the SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts), having teacher Jaime Silva as a teacher.
He has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 1999. His work explores, reflects and captures the spirit of colors. Give
color to form and form to color are constant in his painting.
Its figures and shapes create theatrical and magical environments.
that tell stories with emotions.

Moita Biennial 2021
Tony Vitorino Gallery 2020
Grandella Forum “Para além do instinct” 2020
Baag Gallery “Convergências” 2017
VI Biennial of Lusophone Cultures “coletiva” 2017
Casual Lounge “Coincidences” 2011
Ruben Cunha Gallery 2008
Gallery Inks and Letters 2007
Glamor Space 2006
Welcome Center Gallery 2004
Bento Martins Gallery “Complement” 2002
Páteo das Artes 2001
Art Gallery “Memories of Santo Estêvão” 2001
Or Myth or Dream of Light 2001
Carnide Theater Gallery “Mutações” 2000
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