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Avelino Alves Fernandes (Lino) was born in Barcelos, in 1958.

He has a degree in health (Nursing and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture), but from a very young age he dedicated himself to the art of drawing and painting. Through various trips and visits to museums, Lino collects a series of cultural and everyday values, which he seeks to express in the art of drawing, through rhythm, color, movement and body dynamics.

The set of strokes of geometric expression that harmoniously reproduce all the images on his canvases are outstanding characteristics of his work. He held several private and group exhibitions in Portugal, France, Holland and Spain, being represented in several private collections and national and international galleries.

-April 1996-Pop Cave gallery-Barcelos

-December 1996-Municipal House of Culture- Fafe

-May 1997-Pop Cave gallery-Barcelos

-July 1997-Harpa-Esposende art gallery

-April 2001-Braga District Hospital

-July 2005-Order of Nurses (northern section)

-May 2006 to June 2014-Hotel Suavemar-Esposende

-July 2014-Esposende Municipal Museum

-May 2017-Olga Santos Art Gallery-Porto

-December 2019- Hospital da Cuf- Porto

-Permanent exhibition in the Lino painting gallery- Esposende

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