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Art Gallery The One is an exclusive and privileged space for art exhibitions and cultural events located in the center of Lisbon, nestled within The One Palacio da Anunciada Hotel. Its primary goal is to connect the audience with art by promoting the works of Portuguese and international visual artists.

The gallery boasts a magnificent collection of artworks and provides artists with an expertly curated environment in which they can showcase and sell their work. The virtual store of Art Gallery The One makes the experience of buying and selling art easy and convenient for both collectors and artists.

The brand "Art Gallery The One" is derived from the "Arca Gallery" project and arises from the need to align its brand image with that of the hotel where the gallery is located.

Both the "Art Gallery The One" and "Arca Gallery" brands are owned by the Cuban Cultural Association in Portugal, known as ALOCUBANO.

The exhibition area within the hotel extends beyond the gallery to other spaces such as the bar and restaurant.


Visit the hotel page here: https://www.hotelstheone.com/pt/lisboa


Arca Gallery: www.arcagallery.com

Association Alocubano: www.alocubano.pt