Painting, "Still life"

Painting, "Still life"

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[Product Title]
Painting, "Still Life" by Graciete Ramos

Technical Oil on canvas.
Dimension: 100 x 80cm

[Product description]
About his painting, "Still Life" by Graciete Ramos, he said: My still life paintings are representations of life, where objects, fruits and flowers reveal human presence and experiences. The dark background symbolizes silence, often related to dark aspects of humanity. The plane in which the objects are found is luminous, where they speak, denounce, suggest and even shout.

With "Still Life", you can bring a piece of magic to your home and transform any space into a corner full of elegance and sophistication.

[Technical details]
- Year of creation:
- Technique: Oil Painting
- Material: Canvas
- Weight: 300g
- Does not include a frame

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